21 Effective Ways to Respond When Someone Says…“YKTV”

“YKTV” means “You Know The Vibe,” which is a shoptalk expression frequently utilized in web-based entertainment and easygoing discussions to show arrangement or mutual perspective about a specific state of mind, environment, or opinion without having to characterize it unequivocally.

Normally utilized by more youthful ages, YKTV is one of numerous abbreviations and contractions that have arisen in the computerized age, reflecting fast and advancing correspondence styles. It addresses shared encounters, social minutes, and typical, implicit language among peers.

21 Effective Ways to Respond When Someone Says...“YKTV”

This sort of shop talk can be interesting to answer. In any case, we have done all your reasoning for yourself and we have classes of reactions that you can use to answer.

To concur you can go for quite relaxed answers like, “Definitely”, “Of course!”, ” that is the manner by which we roll”, and numerous others.

You can likewise approach your pleasant answers as praises, for instance: ” You sure skill to have a great time”, “You are an energy yourself”. There are additionally different answers on the off chance that you are not in help. We should look at the:

15 Casual Responses to ‘YKTV’

15 Casual Responses to ‘YKTV’

Assuming you are in the right state of mind and somebody sends you this shoptalk, you would need to offer something that shows that you support them and you are glad for them. The following are a couple of reactions you can utilize:

1. Yeah

The main reaction is obviously an arrangement. It’s simple, it’s basic and there isn’t highly thought to it. Presently relying upon who sends yktv to you, you can add anything toward the end.

For instance, I can say “Better believe it men” to my companions and colleagues, and I can say “definitely sweetheart” to my female companions.

I can likewise say “no doubt dear” or utilize some other affectionate nickname to persons I know all around well and am OK with. That to the side, you can say:

Yeah, can hardly hang tight for you to fill me in regarding it.

Yeah, I bet you are having a great time.

Yeah, Wish I was there.

Yeah, Partake in each snapshot of it.

2. You have fun

On the off chance that somebody texts you this, you could wish you were from their perspective or with them having a great time. Well as opposed to whimpering about it and grumbling you can send them a basic answer like this one.

It lets them know you hope everything works out for them and they ought to live it up without limit. It has a “pleasant person” composed on top of it yet it is an OK reaction. Assuming you are dear companions with them, best not to utilize this so you don’t appear jammed and uninterested.

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3. That’s how we roll

I like this answer since it causes you two to appear to be a gathering. This answer lets them know you are thoroughly cool with them having a good time, even without you, and on the off chance that you were there, you would have some good times so you are on the side of it.

In the event that you are composing, you can utilize different varieties of ya assuming you need it. For instance, definitely, yh, Yas. One more option in contrast to this reaction is gracious definitely. At the point when you type it, put an interjection imprint to show energy so it doesn’t take another importance.

4. Yeah, I know

Certain persons might have the option to acknowledge this reaction. In what you say, “I can feel the energy. Ensure you appreciate it.” Simultaneously, this answer could sound dull and fascinating and the shipper could feel you are desirous.

To make things understood, attempt to send an emoticon with this answer assuming you are messaging it so you will obviously comprehend.

5. That’s what’s up

This answer sounds like you are unwinding with them however at that point you are cool with them having a fabulous time so yes it’s a decent answer.

This expression implies that whatever is occurring is perfect, astonishing, or awesome, pick your own descriptive word and that is everything you are attempting to say to them.

6. Heck ya!

This is an extremely famous expression, you probably heard. It’s an easygoing interjection and it’s generally involved by youngsters in consent to something.

On the off chance that you have messaged an image with the inscription yktv, you can answer with hell ya and a ton of interjection marks. It shows You Know The Vibe and you feel them.

7. You sure know how to have fun

This answer is like the “you have a great time” reaction above with the exception of it praising this person saying that they truly know how to offer the fun of real value, such as saying “You carry the party to the party”.

As it encourages them perhaps next time they would welcome you over however for the present, you are letting them know they’re having a great time and living it up. You don’t believe it’s faltering by any stretch of the imagination.

8. Good vibes bro

This answer makes it sound like yktv is a sort of inquiry however at that point it is incredible in light of the fact that you realize they are having a great time. You can likewise utilize “incredible energies”, “cool energies”, and even “decent energies”. They are a straightforward reaction.

Not much thought simply chill as the shoptalk itself. Note, don’t utilize inspirational tones. You will seem like a Harmony attempting to detox a spot from negative energy. Decent yet exhausting!

9. Vibes are decent

This is a decent one and it simply implies you feel they having a great time however it’s not something special to become obsessed with. For instance, a night party at a companion’s home.

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That is great however it may not be all that light so it’s simply good. This answer will make you sound collected and casual like nothing truly annoys you. It’s perfect, it’s cool and it’s not difficult to utilize.

10. Have a blast

At the point when somebody, (generally teens) says enlarge, they mean something astonishing and it’s marvelous and this is extraordinary in light of the fact that you don’t need to answer with similar words like “no doubt”, again and again.

Typically advising them to have a ton of fun means they ought to have a great time without limit. The beneficial thing about this answer is that it gets out whatever everybody has been saying in an alternate and more loosened-up manner.

11. That’s dope

On the off chance that you’re not a teen this answer likely made you contemplate drugs. Well really implies cool or astonishing. As a matter of fact, on the off chance that whatever has a place with you is alluded to as dope, you ought to be extremely glad for yourself.

This answer doesn’t actually zero in on the shoptalk however on the sort of tomfoolery you’re having. For instance, in the event that somebody sends an image of them at a party messing around with companions, and it has the subtitle yktv, this answer will zero in on them having a great time whether You Know The Vibe.

You can say “That is light” on the off chance that you feel awkward with dope.

12. No cap, fam

Since we are discussing shoptalk, could we answer with more shoptalk, isn’t that so? ” No cap” implies that it’s reality and there’s nothing misleading about it.

This answer simply concurs with the way that You Know The Vibe yet what it really implies is that they know the energy and they are having a great time and that is serious.

In the event that you don’t utilize this shoptalk a little, it may not seem OK but rather the people who say it know it and you can express this to them and it will be fine.

13. You bet!

On the other hand, you can simply say bet with punctuation in front assuming you are messaging this to somebody (like this: ‘ bet!). This answer is a straightforward confirmation to you knowing the energy.

It’s equivalent to “OK”, “okay”, or “Sure”. It is likewise an intriguing answer since you realize they are having and you are glad for them.

14. I feel you

This is shoptalk for “I get it,” “I thoroughly get it”, or just “That is something I can connect with.” Looking at this logically, the last translation includes the whole jargon. Basically, the reaction is a more fathomable method for saying it.

15. You have got the vibes

This is a sort of praise to whoever sent you yktv. It’s like they are saying, “I’m having some good times and you know how tomfoolery is” and afterward you tell them, “You are fun yourself. You carry the enjoyable to the party.” It’s great, it fits and it’s an incredible method for answering this.

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3 Rude Responses to ‘YKTV’

3 Rude Responses to ‘YKTV’

If you believe you need to be cruel or an essential downer this classification is for you. It’s not too awful and it’s proper, particularly for grown-ups:

1. Um no. I don’t

Suppose you are not on the side of it. Perhaps your companion slipped away from school and is informing you about the wild fun they are having.

Utilizing this answer will let them know you could do without what they are doing and that they ought to stop. Obviously, this won’t make them meaningfully alter their methodologies so you should add your own discourse.

2. You are too old to say that

You would be radiating mum energies with this answer. It will make you sound exhausted on the off chance that all they are attempting to do is have a great time however it will let them know that you truly don’t figure they ought to say that since it makes them sound senseless.

Have an opposing look all over when you say it so they realize you are not kidding. assuming it sounds excessively unforgiving, you can say, “Wouldn’t you say you are excessively old to say that?”

That is more pleasant. Best if it, make it sound like an innocuous assessment by maintaining it with “I think’. For instance,

A: Games and beverages at my place this evening?

Sid, I have a band playing as well, You Know The Vibe. It will shake.

B: I figure you shouldn’t say that.

A: Huh? Why?

3. Don’t you think it’s meant for teenagers?

On the off chance that you believe a lighter way should reprimand somebody who is utilizing shoptalk then this ought to get it done pleasantly.

Certain persons are sensitive to social shoptalk and contractions like haha and omg, and assuming you are one of them you can utilize this answer to remind them how you feel about things like this.

3 Question Responses to ‘YKTV’

To redirect consideration from the entire fun climate or you simply need to begin a discussion not in view of their action, these answers ought to finish the work:

1. You know that slang too?

Many people don’t have the foggiest idea about this shoptalk. This question will cause them to appear to know more and will make them blissful and afterward you don’t need to answer by any stretch of the imagination.

Everybody likes to flaunt information on occasion so this answer isn’t awkward. You could finish answers like:

Definitely, I do Obviously

Who doesn’t have the foggiest idea about this?

Duh,  Perhaps a shrug. Also, from that point, you can proceed with the discussion however you see fit.

2. I’ve heard that before, what does it mean?

Presently in the event that you have heard this yet have no clue about how to answer it, you can utilize imagine obliviousness to conceal your obliviousness.

3. That’s a new one. What do I say to that?

Certain people believe it’s enchanting to be straightforward when you don’t know something. It is engaging as well, way better than lying. You can be that enchanting and engaging person with this answer.

They will let you know what you can say and afterward, you can get some information about other shoptalk words, acclaim their insight, and afterward get talking. A brilliant method for supporting a discussion, and making another companion.

Obviously, it may not generally go that easily. You can be chuckled at yet it depends on you to conclude whether you will utilize this answer.


Also, that is in support of this subject. Slangs can be precarious yet should not be surprised assuming you have additional thoughts on reactions allowed to drop them underneath. I want to believe that you are delighted to understand this. Have a day loaded with extraordinary energy.

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