20 Witty Responses to the Age-Old Question, “What’s for Dinner?”

You could have been getting baffled when asked what’s for dinner a ton. This can drive anyone insane. Feeling as such is OK. All things considered, making dinner isn’t a task doled out to anybody from birth.

You have come to the right place if you are looking for funny responses.

This article has recorded 20 of the best interesting responses you can find.

What's for Dinner

20 Funny Responses to “What’s for Dinner?”

When asked what’s for dinner, a funny response is to say, “Dinner is whatever you make of it.” You should always say that.

You can likewise answer with explanations like “Dinner will be prepared when you are”, “I also couldn’t want anything more than to know the response”, or “isn’t that the inquiry that torment all of us?” at the point when somebody asks you what’s for dinner.

1.  I am on the menu; do you still want to eat?

This response is an interesting one. It says that you have placed yourself on the menu for dinner.

A response will overwhelm anybody, particularly unexpectedly. Use it when you’ve been annoyed all day with having to say what’s for dinner.

This sort of response shows that dinner has recently turned into somewhat more outlandish or confounded.

They will have no real option except to mortar a wide smile across their face when you answer to them with this assertion.

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2. it’s a new recipe I worked on called the meaty surprise

When asked, “What’s for dinner?” what’s more, you need an entertaining answer, you can say “it’s a new recipe I worked on called the meaty surprise.”

This indicates that they will be served meat or as much meat as the main course.

They should hang tight for you to serve dinner to see the unexpected that you have for them. A response like this will undoubtedly inspire a few chuckles from whoever has asked what’s for dinner.

3. Why don’t you tell me Mr. Dinner man

On the off chance that somebody continually asks what’s for dinner, an interesting response is saying, “why don’t you tell me, Mr. Dinner man?”

Saying this is an interesting answer that takes a quip at their eager disposition towards your cooking.

Instead of always relying on others to do this for them, it demonstrates to them that they can also come up with ideas for dinner.

Here, you likewise allude to them as Mr. Dinner, which is a bizarre humorous epithet.

4. Something’s cooking, something cooking

Now and again you are not in that frame of mind to uncover your recipe or what you have for dinner.

An interesting response that helps evade this question is saying something is cooking. If you respond in this manner, you have them tied down.

They will have no real option except to snicker and sit tight for you to serve them the amazement.

This trains them to entertainingly show restraint toward their cooking.

5. I was thinking of cooking up a storm

At the point when somebody asks what’s for dinner and you need an entertaining answer that makes a dramatic exit.

You say I was thinking of cooking up a storm. Saying this is an interesting answer that will get the other person snickering straight into their stomaches.

An answer like this will make them can’t help thinking about what sort of feast you are getting ready.

It additionally prevents them from constantly asking you what for dinner

6. Whatever you want, as long as you are cooking it

On the off chance that you at any point get impeded by what’s for dinner questions, what an interesting answer to put you on top for once.

Say whatever you want as long as you are cooking. This is entertaining because you have quite recently told them, they should set up this for themselves.

This is a strong response, particularly when you have no goals of preparing dinner. They will get the joke when they see a vacant pot.

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7. Anything you like, let’s order, and you are paying

Saying that they should order anything from their pockets is a funny response when you want someone else to handle dinner.

This is entertaining because they will not be anticipating that you should reverse the situation quickly toward them.

They will have no real option except to search for an elective method or follow your ideas by requesting some food.

8. Your favorite leftover from last week’s dinner

Eating multi week’s extras doesn’t sound pleasant, and when you answer along these lines, it’s a hint you really want some break from cooking.

A response, for example, this tells them, you are not prepared for any cooking obligation and they ought to get themselves straightened out.

It’s funny because they know you’re just playing with them and there are no such leftovers.

9. who needs food when you’ve got my love

When someone asks what’s for dinner, a funny response is to say, who needs food when they have your love?

This is an entertaining response since we know how significant food is in supporting us. Could cherish at any point support us that way?

This response is usually used when you want to be vague and ignore their question.

10. Today’s menu is a serving of your best dishes. An empty plate and cup

On the off chance that you need an entertaining response to what’s for dinner, that doesn’t look excessively forward.

Saytoday’s menu is serving their best dishes, a plate, and an empty cup.

This is amusing because you make them go at the outset, just to dishearten them eventually.

It will instruct them to refrain from asking you such inquiries in the future.

11. Dinner will be great, if only I had started making it

Dinner will be great, if only I had started making it

When asked what’s for dinner, a funny response is to say that dinner would be great if you didn’t cook at all.

This is silly since you have effectively tested their sanity free from them.

Any expectation they had of having dinner has been totally whipped by such a response.

A response like this is reasonable when you need to humorously illuminate them that there is no dinner.

12. There’s is no dinner tonight, we are eating the rich

On the off chance that you are at a party and you need a few entertaining responses to this inquiry.

Say there is no dinner, we are eating the rich tonight. Whenever you answer along these lines, you will make an entire room of persons burst out snickering.

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This response is perhaps the most amusing one on the rundown. I’d keep it close if I were in your shoes.

13. I have decided to only eat what I kill. You should try it too

This response returns them to the cavern times when man ate what they killed.

Letting them know you just eat what you kill, entertainingly startles them.

They will snicker at how senseless it sounds and nearly trust you briefly. It’s likewise an entertaining approach to saying you didn’t prepare dinner.

14. Nothing but pain and worry

Some incorrigible sense of humor is you saying only torment and stress when somebody asks what you are cooking.

This dim response is powerful when you are fed up with persons asking you such inquiries. It demonstrates to them that you have no desire to prepare dinner.

This teaches them to survive on their own and not to rely on you for food. People won’t be excited about eating pain and worry, I’m sure.

15. You tell me, my options are some sofa and rainwater to wash it down.

At the point when you need an interesting response to this question you say, dinner is eating the couch and drinking some water.

This is absurd because of that. Nobody will eat the couch. At the point when they understand what you said, they will giggle at the joke.

Additionally, this response is sarcastic. It illuminates the other person, you are not in that frame of mind to get ready for dinner.

16. I will have whatever you are having

Another interesting and snide response when somebody asks what’s for dinner is talking about, you will have whatever they are having.

I like this response best since it’s clever and isn’t any significant piece. It will be interesting in light of the fact that they will not anticipate that you should talk along these lines.

This response is a work of art. It’s a method for passing the obligation of dinner to whoever gets some information about it. Since they show concern, it’s fitting they go to dinner.

17. Wouldn’t you love to know?

A funny way to refuse to answer their dinner-related questions is to respond with “wouldn’t you love to know.”

On the off chance that you are not feeling like it, or you believe they should get themselves straightened out, you ought to answer as such.

It lets them know you have different interests separated from dinner. Their choices will include them looking for the actual responses.

18. I don’t know what’s for dinner. But I know who’s not going to make it

One response that stays interesting and old-style is this referenced here.

It’s an entertaining approach to telling them, you have no plans about dinner and won’t make it. Because it is funny, they will laugh at your response.

This is one more approach to cleverly dismissing any plans of making dinner.

It shows the other person, they need to make other dinner arrangements.

19. Why don’t we eat out tonight, but bills on you

Once in a while you are not in the mood for making dinner yourself. You will like to eat out or arrange some takeout.

This response is an entertaining approach to receiving this message to the next person. They will have no real option except to put dinner anticipate them.

It’s acceptable for others to deal with dinner when you can.

20. Dinner, why not some buffet service on a rooftop in Paris

This is an entertaining response that is trickling with mockery and bound to get a room of people giggling.

It shows you have no clue about dinner, yet in addition have a few wild ideas of your own.

Here you are making the possibility of dinner sounds generous.

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