20 Other Ways To Say 20 Expressions to Replace “Buck the Trend” and Expand Your Vocabulary

“Buck the Trend” is a phrase that means to conflict with the standard or the ongoing stand of the principal populace.

The action word “Buck” just means to curve, clasp, or move. Depending on the context, the word “trend” can be a noun or a verb. For this present circumstance, it takes the thing capability, and that implies a style or example.

“Buck the trend” likewise means to foster surprisingly or unexpectedly, particularly in a way that goes against late history.

It is often seen as a strong inversion signal, a typical system by antagonist traders.

Buck the Trend

20 Alternatives to “Buck The Trend”

1. Defy the convention

You can supplant “avoid the pattern” with “resist the show.” Challenge implies a person or thing attempting to cause you to act with a specific goal in mind you will not comply with and act in your way.

Then again, the show implies a typical or satisfactory approach to acting, particularly in a social circumstance.

In this way, opposing the show implies an absence of following the standard way, acting in your method for overlooking the ordinary cycle.

For instance:

  • I challenged the show of her way of life, which is the reason I dismissed her proposition.
  • The speaker needs to challenge the show of her undertaking during the show.
  • With his lecture style, Dr. Stephen consistently defies College norms.
  • I needed to resist the show before getting to the VP’s office.
  • She was imprisoned for defying her right’s convention.

2. Be exceptional

Exceptional refers to doing things rarely, being different from the norm, or being above or below average in intelligence, for example.

You can utilize it as opposed to saying, “Resist the pattern.”

Check these models out:

  • John is generally extraordinary in his undertaking show.
  • The Chief has an extraordinary relational relationship with all his staff.
  • His fantastic way of composing made him win the honor.
  • Decides just award marriage cancellations in remarkable conditions.
  • She had remarkable concentration skills.
  • She’s a lady of extraordinary.

3. Go against the grain

Go against the grain simply implies accomplishing something strange. You can trade this with “avoid the pattern” since the two of them mean the same thing. In any case, not so much for each unique circumstance

These models will direct you:

  • Jackson ran contrary to the natural order of things in the present match.
  •  I contradicted some common norms at the meeting with my show on Thursday.
  • Catherine never breaks her word; she runs contrary to the natural order of things for her to become unfaithful.
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4. Change the game

You can say, “Change the game,” particularly when you are looking at presenting something else from the typical way that is by and large acknowledged.


  • Roy is known for changing the game in all consequences.
  • I love to change the game at work, regardless of my state of mind.
  • In terms of solving the global problem, Justin changed the rules.
  • The Chief continually changes the game with his presence in School.
  • My organization began positioning the board list in January, following I changed the game.

5. Bend the trend

If you have any desire to adhere to the play of words, you can change “buck” to “bend” since the two of them mean the same thing.

So when you say “Bend the trend,” you suggest that the person ought to alter the course from the common style or conflict with what’s stylish.


  • The President twists the pattern in settling on certain choices concerning the Constitution.
  • She twists the pattern via online entertainment.
  • During my time in high school, I did follow the trend.

6. Out of the ordinary

It may be the case that the espresso varies from what others on the table have requested. You can use “out of the ordinary” rather than “avoid the pattern” in such circumstances.

  • What occurred at the workplace today is strange.
  • Her scent is not all that common.
  • Anything strange made her anxious.

7. Digression

At the point when persons get away from the principal subject, they stray. So it’s like getting away based on what’s on pattern.

In that sense, you can utilize “digressionstraying” rather than “Buck the trend.”

For instance:

  • Walter’s design style is a digression from the latest thing.
  • The discussion of money digression from the meeting’s primary objective.
  • They are generally on the work site and report deviations from concurred techniques.

8. Dissimilitude

Dissmilitude is a place of contrast or divergence. You can utilize it to supplant “Buck the trend” while depicting a condition of being unique.

These models will direct you:

  • The way of life of provincial regions is dissimilitude to metropolitan regions.
  • Their divergent perspectives sparked a heated debate.
  • The instructors and the understudies lie inverse; they act in the dissimilitude job.
  • There is a lot of dissimilitude among positions and ideality.

9. Anomaly

“Buck the trend” likewise implies deviation from a standard or what is viewed as standard. So it accepts similar importance as “anomaly”

The two articulations can work reciprocally.

For instance:

  • In American politics, this was unusual.
  • What is the reason for this oddity in your ward?
  • Thirty minutes ago, the monster shot up in the sky; you probably missed it.
  • The hereditary irregularity made the youngster have an eye.

10. Deviate from the norm

Deviate from the norm

If the circumstance includes not acting the standard or what’s generally anticipated, you can utilize “deviate from the norm” rather than “Buck the trend.”

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Norm is a word for the standard way things are finished. However, to depart from that would entail being unpredictable. It implies the person kicked the state of affairs expected to be finished.

For Instance:

  • persons are not happy with sexual lives that go amiss from the standard.
  • We live in a general public where people digress from the standard practically day to day.
  • The writer lost many fans when he chose to go astray from the standard (his composing style).
  • To demonstrate your rightness, you may need to depart from the norm at times.

11. Out of line

persons use “out of the line” when something is unique about the arranged, concurred, or anticipated way. So it is a phenomenal option for “resisting the pattern” in specific conditions.

Use these examples as a guide:

  • The expense of your food is way off the mark with different eateries.
  • This arrangement of vehicles is way off the mark with the pattern.
  • Reality is out of step with Jerry’s ideas.
  • Inflation is completely out of line with the awards for the highest salaries.

12. Go against the trend

“Go against the trend” is a great substitute for “buck the trend” if you want to express disagreement with something, someone, or general principles or rules.

Perceive how it functions in these Models:

  • I will guarantee she doesn’t conflict with the pattern on our virtual entertainment page.
  • Billy could conflict with the pattern of his outfits at my party.
  • Instead of giving up, I would defy the trend.
  • Your certifiable activities appear to conflict with the pattern.
  • We are not permitted to conflict with the development in my office.

13. Up against the rule

One thought of resisting the pattern is disregarding or breaking an arrangement of requests. For this present circumstance, you can supplant “up against the rule” with “resist the pattern.”

You can utilize it when somebody will not help out with the precise plan of interaction or continuing.

See how it’s utilized in these models:

  • What! Is it safe to say that he is facing the standard?
  • You should help out with the meeting or be facing the law.
  • When you touch the ball in soccer, you are breaking the law. Even though you were breaking the law, you argued for a long time.

14. Out of trend

Substitutes such as “out of trend” and “bucked the trend” are excellent. The two articulations mean to digress from a novel, new thing, to act or transform from a standard way.

When you want to talk about something that is no longer popular or has disappeared, I recommend using this.

For instance:

  • Your game’s vehicle is delightful, yet it’s out of the pattern.
  • I should get myself a Gucci tennis shoe before it’s out of pattern.
  • I could perceive you are out of the pattern with what you purchased.
  • You look excessively youthful to get something out of pattern at your age.
  • The smartphone that I bought again three years ago is out of style.
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15. Change the status quo

To change the present status of things means to avoid the pattern. So rather than saying resist the pattern, you can attempt to “change the state quo.”

These Models will help you:

  • The youngsters are prepared to alter the educational curriculum.
  • The new supervisor intends to change the norm of the organization’s monetary arrangement.
  • The new government’s status quo should be altered in a recommended manner.
  • The following organization should be prepared to change the state of affairs on tax collection.
  • I vow to change the state of affairs whenever I’m chosen as leader of this affiliation.

16. Bend the rule

At the point when persons Buck the trend, they accomplish something that isn’t generally permitted. Consider saying “bend the rule” instead of “buck the trend.”

For Instance:

  • Lloyd’s side interest is bowing the principles in a proper setting.
  • I love to twist the standards in my relationship.
  • I’m a man of guidelines; I don’t twist the guidelines at work.
  • The president barely twists the guidelines when he is fixed.
  • You should twist the standard to oblige me, or I will report you to the power.

17. Against the law

Additionally, you can substitute “against the law” for “buck the trend.” The trend represents the idea of law in this setting.

For Instance:

  • Brian is adept at breaking the law; he is the person for the gig.
  • Singing out of the key is illegal.
  • She rejected the proposition saying it was illegal.
  • Finding a supplier is troublesome; Every one of them is afraid to break the law.
  • It’s announced on your way not to step into that frame of mind illegally.

18. Challenge the culture

To “challenge the culture,” alternative ideas that pose a challenge to the current procedures for improvement must be presented. It underlines the central importance of “Buck the trend.”

Use these examples as a guide:

  • The outfit of tomorrow ought to pose a challenge to the culture.
  • I in all actuality do best testing the way of life.
  • Challenge [present], challenge(ing) [continuous tense].
  • Six superstars looked to challenge the way of life out of nowhere.
  • We want to challenge the way of life by tackling conditions with a recipe.
  • We arranged a dissent to challenge the way of life of our positions.

19. Up against the practice

One more method for saying “Buck the trend” is “up against the practice.”

This implies the person goes against the genuine exhibition or application long being used.

For Instance:

  • Her conduct has been continually facing the training since her most memorable year in secondary school.
  • You are being punished for consistently arriving late to work.
  • Simon is all set facing the training to get hitched to Satisfaction.
  • The assistant was facing the organization’s training, so he left.
  • Night shift is facing the act of my confidence.

20. Outside the law

While you’re alluding to unsatisfactory activities, not exposed to the law or standards of your nearby climate or general, you can supplant “Buck the trend” with “outside the law.”

Check these Models out:

  • We have been working externally on the law for some time.
  • I never figured I would accomplish something outside the law during my most memorable year in secondary school.
  • Taking is way outside the law in the US.
  • His mom buckles down; she goes outside the law to take care of him notwithstanding the difficulty.
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