20 Clever Responses to “You’re So Funny”

Recognizing a special characteristic in a person can be viewed as a commendation. You might be alluding to your accomplice’s excellence, certainty, or comical inclination.

What do you say in light of a commendation? Even better, how would you answer when you are commended on your extraordinary awareness of what’s actually funny?

This article is here to give you thoughts on the most proficient method to answer when somebody says you are amusing.

20 Clever Responses to “You’re So Funny”

While ‘You are so interesting’ might be a commendation on your humor, it might likewise be an approach to mess with your feeling of thinking.

A person can say you are interesting in light of the fact that the person thinks you are thinking wrongly and hilariously. Accordingly, you can say ‘OK’.

The following is a rundown of 20 reactions to the assertion tending to the two settings explained previously.

20 Clever Responses to “You Are So Funny”

1. Am I?

At the point when you are commended, your response matters. You can decide to answer by just saying ‘Much obliged’. You may simply show appreciation by grinning and changing the point.

You may likewise entertainingly embrace the commendation. Another choice is to give an unassuming reaction. The above idea is an illustration of an unassuming reaction.

You can ask ‘Am I?’ as you don’t put stock in the commendation and wear a grin. The grin will show that you feel a debt of gratitude.

The non-serious inquiry will show that you don’t actually view yourself as interesting. The person will presumably rehash the same thing or herself with more accentuation on how entertaining you are.

2. Lol. Thanks.

One more great reaction to a commendation is ‘Thanks’. It is the most normal reaction offered to praises.

persons don’t frequently have any idea how to respond after saying ‘Thank you’ to a commendation so they simply change the subject.

Changing the subject is smart. You may likewise decide to discuss whom you got your funny bone from… or who you believe is more amusing than you are.

3. Never Mind

Never Mind

Does ‘Never mind’ sound inaccurate as a reaction? Expressing this in the wake of getting a compliment is most certainly erroneous.

Nonetheless, you can give this reaction if you have been prodded concerning an assertion you made before.

In contentions, people frequently joke about one another’s focuses just to show that they are more sensible than their rivals. Contentions don’t need to go along these lines.

It shows that one side isn’t prepared to pay attention to the next and that implies neither of them will actually want to persuade the other.

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If neither one nor the other will permit themselves to get persuaded, the contention can be viewed as trivial.

You can just say ‘Don’t bother’ and overlook the other person’s point.

4. I wasn’t joking about that though.

Here is one more method for showing your unobtrusiveness, however, it isn’t precisely a humble proclamation. You ought to say this on the off chance that you have entertainingly offered something serious.

You can get praised for how amusing you are nevertheless you might have to remind your audience members that you were being significant with all that you said, even though it seemed like you were kidding.

You might be making a case or giving an admonition that sounds crazy. Crazy frequently sounds amusing, particularly if you are making it sound genuine.

Be that as it may, ‘Ludicrous’ might be genuine. Advise your audience members to regard your advance notice as opposed to messing with it.

5. I know I am

As referenced before, you can likewise acknowledge the commendation that has been given to you. By saying ‘I know I am’, you are guaranteeing that you are genuinely entertaining similarly as the person had said.

This might sound proud yet you can undoubtedly transform it into a joke by making up a crazy tale about your funny bone.

6. It’s not something to laugh at

At times, people kid about your funny bone since they think what is going on you are discussing is a joke.

Notwithstanding, people don’t possibly offer this expression when they think you are kidding. They may essentially not comprehend how terrible a circumstance is or they simply couldn’t care less about it.

At the point when you discuss what is going on that appears to be minor, it will sound amusing. At the point when you discuss what is going on yet they think of it as minor, they will likewise think that it is interesting.

At the point when they giggle at what you are referring to, you can advise them that it isn’t something worth talking about to snicker at. You can likewise discuss why they ought to consider it truly similar.

7. I try my best

If you are a humorist, this is a humble reaction you can give. It is an unobtrusive reaction for anybody. You might be praised for how well you follow through with something.

Professing to be awesome or to show improvement over some others might sound bombastic. You may just be convinced about how you put work to do competently.

You may likewise add ‘thank you’ after giving this reaction. It infers that you make a solid attempt to do what you do and you are glad to realize that somebody feels a debt of gratitude.

8. You too

Here is a pleasant reaction on the off chance that this praise comes in a significant discussion. Notwithstanding, you might seem like you are joking if the person hasn’t made you snicker since you began talking.

You ought to possibly utilize this reaction assuming you partook in the talk with the person and the person was similarly entertaining. It will be more straightforward to cause the person to accept that you consider the person in question entertaining as well.

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This is an unassuming reaction. It is like saying that another person is more interesting than you are. By saying this, you are nearly dismissing the consideration from yourself.

9. I got that from my father

As referenced before, you can pass the commendation to another person. You can say you got your wonderful awareness of what’s actually funny from your dad.

It’s not your dad. It very well may be your mom. It very well may be your uncle. It very well may be a famous entertainer. It could likewise be your sibling.

This is a humble reaction, as you are by implication commending your dad or someone else for the one-of-a-kind qualities you recently showed.

You can say this on the off chance that you have been commended on your excellence, your dance steps, or only anything about you.

10. Alright then

‘Alright then’ sounds strange as a reaction to a commendation. That is obvious however simply because it isn’t intended to answer a commendation.

This is like saying ‘Don’t worry about it’. The two assertions can be utilized to infer that you are abandoning a contention.

As made sense of under ‘Don’t bother’, when a person snickers at your contention, the person isn’t willing to pay attention to you or what you need to say.

The person is clutching their convictions and that puts forward the case unnecessary since you will not have the option to persuade the person in question.

The main decision you have is to pay attention to their places and check whether they are persuading or not. If not, you shouldn’t make a big deal about getting that person to listen to you. ‘ OK then’ is one more method for expressing ‘Go on in your daydream’.

11. Funny is my middle name

Funny is my middle name

Embracing the commendation that has been told you isn’t a wrongdoing however, it will cause you to appear to be bombastic. This reaction anyway will appear to be less pretentious, as it takes an entertaining style.

By saying ‘Amusing is my center name’, you are embracing the way that you are entertaining and asserting you know it.

You can likewise make a ludicrous joke, as proposed prior. With this, instead of sounding proud, you will just give off an impression of being kidding.

12. Rate Me

Here is a decent one. You are not embracing the commendation, essentially not yet. You are attempting to hear the person’s finished point of view on what the person has praised you on.

At the point when you say this, you are advising the person to let you know how amusing the person believes you to be. It won’t sound bombastic since you are as yet holding back from hearing the person’s thought process.

You can then communicate your amazement when the person says that you are so amusing to the person in question.

You can give this reaction independent of what you have been praised on. It very well may be your excellence, your way of dressing, or even your skill.

13. How is this funny?

This is a facetious inquiry however it can in any case be replied to. You ought to say this assuming the person is attempting to make a quip of something that you consider serious.

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You might be giving an admonition or discussing what is going on. At the point when a person says ‘you are so entertaining’, the person thinks you are making a crazy wisecrack or you are overstating what is happening.

You can essentially demonstrate that you are not lying. You may likewise show them how serious the issue is and why they ought to be similarly worried about it.

14. You never listen

Obviously, on the off chance that a person chuckles at your contention, the person isn’t attempting to pay attention to you. The person is clutching their thoughts so your thoughts will generally not get into their head.

You can just bring up this reality by saying the person won’t ever tune in.

This assertion might cause that person to listen to you briefly, at any rate. If not, you can overlook it in the wake of saying this.

In any case, going on with the contention won’t yield anything in support of yourself.

15. I am being serious here

You can underline how serious you are with what you are talking about. You might be discussing your involvement in such an excess of enthusiasm that it seems like you are misrepresenting.

You might try and utilize illustrations that sound excessively outrageous. While people might accept your story is valid, they may not accept that they are all around as extraordinary or more regrettable as you portray and you might be labeled as amusing.

You can advise them that you are intense with every one of the allegories you utilize.

16. Enlighten me

This might be the best reaction when your adversary in contention is making a quip of your places. We can think of it as the best reaction until you figure out your adversary is off-base.

At the point when your adversary will not listen to you, not listening to the person in question might show that you both are something very similar. You can hear what your adversary needs to say. Potentially, you might figure out why the person in question thinks your cases were entertaining.

There’s something off about if the person, you don’t need to proceed with the contention since it won’t lead anyplace. You can essentially overlook after this.

17. Oh. Sh^t up

Express this to your dear companions who kid about things you consider extreme. You might be discussing the way that hurt you are or the amount you want something. Your companions can make jokes about you by calling you interesting.

While ‘sh^t up’ may sound inconsiderate, it shouldn’t sound discourteous to your companions. At any rate, not to similar arrangement of persons who just giggled at you.

18. I can prove it to you

‘You are so interesting’ can demonstrate skepticism. The person may either not completely accept your whole story or simply the depictions you are giving.

The most ideal way to answer doubt is to bring a confirmation and watch them get astonished.

19. Alright, I’m joking… continue

If you are giving a significant admonition and the person is declining to tune in, you can give this reaction. This reaction isn’t exacting.

It mockingly concurs with what your companion has said. This reaction is normally trailed by quietness. You overlooked it in the wake of saying this.

20. You’re being really silly here.

Kidding about a difficult situation is just senseless. Assuming you are looking at something that ought to be viewed as significant, it is ridiculous to have people kid about it or think of it as minor.

You can call your companion or companions out for being senseless.

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