20 Clever Responses to “How Are Ya Now” 

The expression ‘How are ya now?’ is a relaxed hello that is many times utilized in certain pieces of Canada, especially in territories like Newfoundland and Labrador.

The expression is casual and can be utilized among neighbors, passers-by, and even associates.

The response to this hello will rely upon the setting of the discussion and your relationship with the person you’re addressing.

Like the full English journalist ‘How are you’, the person who posed you the inquiry needs to realize how you’re faring. They’re concerned and need to be familiar with your prosperity.

We’ll go over everything there is to know about “How are ya now?” and the various responses you can give when asked.

How Are Ya Now

20 Best “How Are Ya Now” Responses

As I referenced before on, the responses to ‘How are ya now’ relies upon the setting it was utilized and furthermore whom it was utilized for.

In such manner, you can too sound casual with your response when somebody tells you “How are ya now”, as this likewise shows you’re giving them the very energy that they’re bringing towards you.

The absolute best answers to “How are ya now” incorporate; ‘ Great! Shouldn’t something be said about you?’, ‘ I’m not in any event, joking; life’s been great’, and ‘I’m doing very great’.

Without burning through additional time, we should get directly into the meat of this post. Most importantly, we’ll be taking a gander at the feature of likely responses to the expression ‘How are ya now’. You can see them beneath…

1. Good and You?

This is the commonest response to the inquiry ‘How are ya now?’. This isn’t on the grounds that it suits to be a response, but since it is a Canadian comment ‘Great n u?’ when somebody attempts to communicate their anxiety about your prosperity by suggesting the conversation starter of ‘How are ya now?’ to you.

Subsequently, you can utilize this line of response as your answer when somebody tells you ‘How are ya now?’

It doesn’t just act as a response, however it likewise shows the person that you’re expanding a similar energy they’re bringing to you towards them.

This is more similar to you paying them with their cash.

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2. I’m Very Much Fine

Any person who shares with you ‘How are ya now?’ is hoping to get your response on how you’re doing, whether it is wellbeing-wise, monetarily, or simply your general societal position and prosperity.

In the event that you’re not an person of many words, you can pick this response as your go-to answer to the person.

Saying ‘‘I’m very much fine’ depicts a positivist viewpoint from you to the person who posed you the inquiry. When someone asks you, “How are ya now?” you can use this line of response to convey your response if you want to remain authentic.

3. I’m Not Even Kidding; Life’s Been Good

Is it true or not that you are having it cool with life? Assuming this is the case, then you really want to tell the truth with it when somebody asks you ‘How are ya now?’. The reason behind being genuine and positive is to free the examiner from any pressure they might have about you.

Maybe, the person is stressed over your government assistance inciting them to pose you the inquiry. On the off chance that that is the situation, you can utilize this line of response here to answer.

What more could this line at any point be than simply an affirmation that you have things taken care of with your life? ‘ The phrase “life is good” can refer to a variety of things, including financial independence, a healthy lifestyle, and even positive interpersonal relationships.

Subsequently, with practically no provision that subjects you to be express with the subtleties of your government assistance, you can essentially pick this line when somebody asks you ‘How are ya now?’.

4. Not So Bad After All

Assuming that you saw, there’s a kind of desperation that lives in the tone when somebody tells you ‘How are ya now?’. This particular response’s inclusion on this list of responses is due to its urgency.

Assuming you’re to answer somebody and give a record of how you’re faring ‘now, then you need to talk deciding from how you’re doing right now the inquiry comes up.

Considering that, you can utilize this line of response to represent an answer to the person. You are not going into the specifics here; rather, you are providing them with feedback based on how energetic you are at the time the question is asked.

That’s what something like, and surely nothing less as well.

5. I’m Not Going to Lie; I’ve Been Losing My Mind

Life’s not a simple excursion regardless of an person’s situation in either the financial, social, or social stepping stool, not failing to remember legalism.

So, all there’s propensities that you’re at that phase of your life where you don’t have the foggiest idea about the best move toward take, or you question the one stage you’ve taken. Disarray sets in…

With these issues descending on you, somebody who thinks often about you can tell you ‘How are ya now?’ Trust me, your self-restraint while conveying your situation says a great deal regarding how saved you are.

In such manner, you can somewhat be expressive with what you’re going through by involving the above line of response as your answer in the event that somebody gets some information about your prosperity.

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6. Great! What about You?

We have the sole right to figure out what happens to us and our plan in life in any event, when things are not making sense.

All in all, when somebody approaches the recreation area and asks you ‘How are ya now?’, also, you would rather not abide in that frame of mind of not having things sorted out… you can turn the table over on them.

To do this, you can utilize this line of response. The sentence begins with a confirmed response to the person and furthermore bears the cost of you the opportunity to upset the circumstance towards them.

Thusly, on the off chance that you’re somebody who doesn’t talk a lot or you simply don’t have any desire to delve into any subtleties, you can utilize this line of response.

7. Are You Sure You Want to Know?

When people ask us to tell them how we feel about a situation, we sometimes go to great lengths to make sure we picture everything we can talk about. This can make them feel bad. They currently feel that we’re annoying or we gripe a lot about something fixable.

Than getting yourself there, you can utilize this question-like response to the person who asks you ‘How are ya now?’.

The point is to ask the person if they’re prepared to pay attention to you, maybe, as you vent out your concerns to them.

If the person shows a detached response to your inquiry, think of it as an impasse with them and simply leave the spot after you’re finished dissecting their response and asking them your piece.

8. I Might Even Pass Out Before Answering That

At the point when you have a ton at the forefront of your thoughts that you couldn’t summarize, you feel like you’ll relax. That will likewise be a similar inclination you’ll get when you’re confronted with noting when somebody asks you ‘How are ya now?’

The thought of your problems can overwhelm you and leave you speechless.

On the off chance that it does, you can in any case emerge with a cool response without sounding repetitively profound. That’s what to accomplish, you want to utilize a line of response like this one to come to your meaningful conclusion known.

9. I’m Barely Living, for Real

With the disquiet of life, a many persons actually endeavor to flourish. If someone asks you, “How are ya now?” while you are going through this transition, you can answer to them by being a piece express.

This will be something to be thankful for to take it off your mind. Let the person know that you’re scarcely alive allows them to comprehend the level you are with whatever happening with your life.

10. I’m Well, Thanks for Asking

Similarly as you give positive, negative, and aloof responses or responses when somebody gets some information about your government assistance with ‘How are ya now?’; Additionally, you should try to appreciate them asking.

Being grateful makes you stand apart among your friend, and even enhances your social portfolio. The person at the less-than-desirable end will realize that you genuinely respect their anxiety.

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11. I Appreciate Your Concern, and I’m Good Anyways

I Appreciate Your Concern, and I’m Good Anyways

Still in the vein of being thankful to persons who care about you; you can utilize this line of response at whatever point somebody asks you ‘How are ya now?’.

The primary justification for the inquiry is to assess your ongoing status; intellectually, genuinely, inwardly, and in any case. At the point when you show appreciation, it implies you’re flawless intellectually, and that records for why you perceived the person’s inquiry as a demonstration of concern.

12.  Sincerely, I’ve Been down for Some Days Now

Indeed, even as I’d humor you to say less when somebody asks you ‘How are ya now?’; I’ll likewise make an exemption for you. This exemption stands assuming the person that asked the person is fairly near you.

That will make sense of their anxiety and furthermore permits you to give space to weakness yet in a sensible portion.

13. I’m Doing Pretty Well

When someone asks you, “How are ya now?” you can respond with yet another upbeat response. The point with this response is that it lays out a completely clear mental image of somebody who’s finding real success.

Even though the use of the word “pretty” reduces the intensity, it also prevents you, as the speaker, from exaggerating.

14. I’m Feeling Fantastic, Thanks for Asking

A clause of appreciation and a subtly elegant piece of response combine in this line of response. It is a decent one in the event that you’re hoping to make your response smart and on the money, all in the plan of moving along in the wake of answering.

15. All Things Considered, I’m Super Good

You will say, in this response, that everything that happened was “super good.” This would be one more response that allows you to accomplish more by saying less.

16. I’m hanging in there, How About You?

A person who is “hanging in there” doesn’t let turbulence stop them from surviving. Assuming you understand that you’re in this phase of life, you can utilize this line of response to finish that.

In a similar vein, you inquire about the person’s feelings as well; which is beneficial in the spirit of reciprocity.

17. Frankly, I Need a Hug. Don’t You Feel the Same?

You don’t need to be embarrassed about how you feel profoundly. Subsequently, to get eased of your pressure is to get a major embrace from somebody then you shouldn’t keep down that significant detail. Furthermore, you can do that involving the above line as your response.

18. It’s Been One Hell of a Day, No Doubts

Is it true that you were all the while having a terrible day exactly when somebody asked you ‘How are ya now? Assuming that that is anyway, you can admit to that as your response when somebody asks you ‘How are ya now?’. The above line is a decent pick for you to finish that.

19. I guess I’m Fine, No Drama Yet

You can also add this specific line of response to your menu of answers to ‘How are ya now?’ This line of response depicts you being apathetic about the inquiry with regards to a casual hello from somebody.

20. Awwwn, You Actually Care About Me. I’m Just Fine; Trust You’re Good

This response sounds a great deal ladylike, so my female perusers ought to give close consideration to this one, particularly in the event that the inquiry is coming from a person.

With this line, as a woman, you can try to be a little picky girly and be a little dramatic in your response.

This will cause you to seem deliberate as against each and every other person.


This fascinating piece of reading concludes with a discussion of the various ways to respond to the question, ‘How are ya now?’

Throughout this article, I featured and talked about 20 responses as for the topic. This indicates that you have a number of options available to you; all that is required of you is to select your desired line for your desired response or outcome.

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