20 Clever and Engaging Ways to Respond to “Hey Big Head” 

Is it in every case difficult for you to answer at whatever point somebody calls you bighead?

Certain persons like to utilize this expression to prod others while certain persons only consider it to be a joke.

Whichever it is for you, this article will give the 20 best reactions you can give while you’re being called bighead. Look at these; ” Oh! Hello”, “Haha. You’re entertaining”, and “What’s up”.

20 Clever and Engaging Ways to Respond to “Hey Big Head” 

Your reaction to the not set in stone by the relationship you share. For example; A young lady can refer to a person as “Hello bighead and the person can answer with “Hello darling”.

This shows that they have a heartfelt connection and she’s calling him that just to play with him. In the interim, another young lady can refer to him as “Hello bighead” and he would answer with “Don’t call me that”.

These are reactions yet in an alternate tone to various persons. Look at a greater amount of these reactions as you read.

20 Clever Responses to “Hey Big Head”

1. Oh! Hey

This answer shows a touch of shock. It may be the case that the person who referred to you as “bighead” isn’t extremely near you.

This could make you show a declaration of shock when you hear this. This is normally used to welcome a companion and can also be utilized in showing shock at something.

This reaction exhibits some amazement. It’s conceivable that the person who considered you a “bighead” isn’t especially near you. At the point when you hear this, you could respond with bewilderment.

This is much of the time used to invite a mate and may likewise be utilized to communicate awe about something.

2. Who Could You Be?

This is an issue of “Who Could You Be”. Likely the person referring to you as “bighead” is attempting to act acquainted with you, in the meantime, you don’t actually know the person or you can’t perceive the face.

This is another reaction that shows shock since you’re not even certain who that person is. ” Who are you?” is the current issue. In all likelihood, the person referring to you as “bighead” is endeavoring to make casual conversation when you don’t have any acquaintance with them or can’t put their face on.

Another response that communicates bewilderment is this one — you’re not even certain what their identity is.

3. Are You Referring To Me?

Are You Referring To Me?

This is one more inquiry to show your shock at the name “bighead”. Here, you’re inquiring as to whether the remark was coordinated to you or another person. It’s an issue of “who are you conversing with” or “who are you calling bighead”.

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This shows that you most likely have next to zero relationship with the person, so you don’t know whether the name Bighead was being coordinated toward you. Or on the other hand, “Am I the person that is no joke?”

This is one more inquiry to communicate your amazement at the expression “bighead”. You are asking with regards to who the remark was planned for in this occurrence. It relies upon “who you’re not kidding” or “who you’re not kidding.”

This infers that you likely have next to zero contact with the person and are uncertain if the expression “bighead” was planned to explicitly allude to you.

4. What’s Up

This is a cordial reaction that shows that you have a decent connection with the speaker. It shows that you and the speaker are companions. This is an alternate approach to saying “What’s going on with you” or “What’s going on with you”.

This is a well-disposed hello utilized in asking a person how they or they’re doing. It’s likewise an approach to asking what’s up or for what good reason the person is stressed.

5. Hi There.

This is a casual hello. It can also be utilized to show shock when somebody calls you bighead. It’s likewise an approach to saying “hello” or “hi”. This is an exceptionally easygoing approach to expressing hi to somebody. It is a typical hello and can be utilized to communicate shock in a respectful manner.

6. I’m Not A Big Head Because I’m Smart

“Bighead” is generally utilized for somebody that isn’t exactly brilliant or somebody who is continuously acting moronic. Here, “bighead” is an affront, not a commendation.

Somebody is attempting to let you know that you’re not brilliant and the most ideal way to answer is by telling the person back that you’re shrewd and not a major head. With this assertion, you’re demonstrating to the person that you’re not as dumb as they suspect.

Bighead is regularly used to portray somebody who isn’t exceptionally savvy or who often acts absurdly. Here, considering somebody a “bighead” isn’t complimenting.

The best strategy to answer somebody who is endeavoring to persuade you that you need knowledge is by consoling them that you are canny and not pompous.

By making this case, you are exhibiting to the next person that you are not quite as stupid as they accept.

7. My Head Isn’t Even Big

With this assertion, you’re inferring that your head isn’t large in any way. It implies that your head isn’t curiously large, so you don’t have a major head. This assertion implies you’re not a piece of those who have a colossal measured head.

You’re saying that your head isn’t that tremendous with this sentence. This guarantee demonstrates that you don’t have a place with the gathering with truly huge heads.

8. At Least It’s Smaller Than Yours

This is an interesting remark as it infers that the person’s head is greater than yours. Rather than truly regretting the assertion, you’re alluding it back to the speaker in a way that sounds more courteous.

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At the point when you say this, you would leave the person’s reasoning assuming what you said is valid. This is a silly comment since it demonstrates that the other person has a bigger skull than you have.

You’re returning the remark to the speaker such that sounds more obliging instead of truly regretting it. By saying this, the other person could address whether what you expressed is for sure obvious.

9. Don’t Call Me That

This is a fascinating comment as it construes that the singular’s head is more noteworthy than yours. As opposed to genuinely lamenting the declaration, you’re suggesting it back to the speaker in a way that sounds more polite.

Right when you say this, you would leave the singular thinking expecting what you said is legitimate. This is a senseless remark since it shows that the other person has a greater skull than you have.

You’re returning the comment to the speaker to such an extent that sounds more obliging rather than really thinking twice about it. By saying this, the other person could address whether what you communicated is without a doubt self-evident.

10. Uhm! Hey You 

This is another unexpected reaction. It implies you didn’t anticipate that the person should call you bighead.

11. Hey Babe

This reaction is for the most part utilized among better halves. It shows that the speaker is attempting to play with the other. Here, “bighead” doesn’t come as an affront but as a type of “praise” or a cool approach to tending to somebody you care deeply about.

The person won’t see “huge head” as an affront but rather as a joke. Most better halves will answer along these lines.

The endeavor to play with the other by the speaker is apparent. In this unique situation, the expression “bighead” isn’t implied as a slight but rather as a method for alluding to somebody you like. ” Huge head” won’t be seen as an affront but instead as a joke by the person.

12. That’s Not Nice Of You

That’s Not Nice Of You

The assertion shows that you’re not satisfied with the person referring to you as “bighead”. It shows that the person isn’t being caring with their words. You’re attempting to tell the person that you don’t see the value in the remark.

It’s obvious from the explanation that you could do without being alluded to as a “bighead” by that person. It shows the way that the speaker isn’t utilizing decent language. You’re endeavoring to convey to the next person that you track down the comment hostile.

13. Hey! I Missed You

This expression can likewise be utilized for somebody you care for. You wouldn’t fret about the person referring to you as “bighead”, as this essentially shows that you’ve not had the person around for quite a while.

It shows that the person has been missing for quite a while. You may likewise utilize this while alluding to a friend or family member.

You don’t care either way if somebody alludes to you as a “bighead” since it simply tells them that you haven’t seen them in some time. It demonstrates that the person has been away for quite a while.

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14. At Least I’m Smarter

This shows that you’re not so idiotic as a bighead. Bigheaded persons are known to be dull. Yet, in this situation, you’re letting the speaker know that you’re way more brilliant than that.

It shows that you understand what you’re doing and you ought not to be contrasted with somebody like that. It shows that you’re a wise person and ought not to be contrasted with a faker.

Your capacity to do this shows that you are not a bighead. Bluntness is a standing held by large-headed people. However, you are telling the speaker that you are more astute than that in this occurrence.

You ought not to be contrasted with somebody like that since it shows that you are a specialist in your field. You ought not to be compared to a dullard since it exhibits your knowledge.

15. Hey! Small Head

This is an interesting remark, it tends to be utilized for somebody you’re exceptionally acquainted with. This is simply you calling the person something contrary to what you’re being called. It shows mockery and doesn’t have any serious significance connected to it.

This is a clever comment that might be said about somebody you know well. It is comical and absent any trace of any serious importance.

16. You Really Need To Stop

This assertion is utilized when you’re not satisfied with the person calling you a bighead. It shows you’re not content with such words and you would like the person to quit calling you that.

The expression infers that the person has been calling you bighead for some time and you’re advising the person the requirement for them to stop. At the point when somebody calls you a bighead, you could utilize this articulation to communicate your dismay.

It conveys that you don’t value being called that and that you believe the person should stop. The articulation implies that you are telling the singular they need to quit calling you a bighead since they have been doing it for a period.

17. I Love It Like That

It may be the case that you normally have a major head. At the point when you answer with this assertion, it shows that you’re glad for how you are. It implies despite the fact that your head is huge, you actually prefer it as such.

It’s conceivable that you were brought into the world with a gigantic head. This reaction exhibits your pride in what your identity is by showing it. That’s what it shows, notwithstanding the size of your head, you don’t care about it that way.

18. Me? Have You Looked In The Mirror?

This suggests that the speaker is the one with the enormous head and not you. It’s an approach to advising the person to see his head and yours and differentiate.

This shows that, instead of you, the speaker is the one with the enormous head. It’s a way of teaching the other person to look at their heads and notice the distinctions.

19. Hey! How Are You Doing?

This is a relaxed reaction. It’s simply an approach to getting some information about their prosperity. You’re just inquiring as to whether the person is okay. It’s simply an approach to knowing how the person has been adapting.

20. Lol! You’re So Funny

This is much of the time utilized when you know all about the person. It shows that you see “bighead” as an interesting explanation. You’re attempting to say that the person is entertaining by calling you a bighead.


We’ve taken a gander at various reactions to “Hello bighead”. We likewise got to realize that people answer in various ways to this expression as everything relies upon the relationship. You ought to know how and who to utilize this expression for before you use it.

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