19 Polite Responses to “Hard Luck”

How might you respond when somebody imparts to you data that leaves you silenced? Maybe, they just experienced a disagreeable occasion and approved of the idea to illuminate you about it.

That possibly characterizes the expression “Hard luck”.

In this present circumstance, answering the person after they’re finished with their portrayal is a suitable approach to showing fortitude.

As a result, you might try to console the person by relating your negative experiences. Trust me, it doesn’t make things more straightforward.

Since the event is that of a terrible occasion, it is simply shrewd to sound thoughtful with your response. I’ll talk about exhaustively what hard luck means and how to answer what is going on. Remain secured!

Hard Luck

Hard Luck Meaning

The expression “hard luck” is utilized to characterize an occasion connecting with, set apart by, or in any event, encountering trouble or misfortune.

This indicates that unfavorable circumstances are associated with bad luck, for which sympathy is strongly encouraged.

A genuine illustration of this can be shown when somebody gets into a battle with somebody more grounded than him despite everything not winning… you can quickly say that the person experienced hard luck.

This is because they still failed despite the low odds of winning the ruffle. As a result, all you can do is empathize with the person without making them feel worse.

Hard luck use in a sentence

  • Jay lost the unthinkable battle with Dan. What hard luck!

On another note, the term doesn’t just discuss the awful occasion however your demonstration of compassion. Thus, you’re easing off of the person because of them being a survivor of a slightly terrible event.

  • You didn’t merit such misfortune. Ring me assuming you want any assistance

An alternate way to deal with what the term means should be visible when it is utilized to allude to somebody who appears to be loaded with heaps of misfortune and inconvenience.

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For this situation, the term might be utilized to conceal somebody or assume the part of a rebound expression.

  • Albeit the sea tides are low, you actually won’t beat them. You’re hard luck and it is apparent in your failure to do as such.

Coming to the set of experiences behind the word, Merriam-Webster described that the word was first utilized in 1890 and has been utilized in various abstract works from that point forward.

How to Respond to Hard Luck Story?

Being reasonable and mindful of a person’s situation is the best thing you can do for them after they’ve had bad luck.

Furthermore, you can accomplish that through being thoughtful and adoring. Showing the person that you care accomplishes better work in restoring the person in question than attempting to relate with them involving your terrible encounters as contextual analyses.

It makes no sense to compare your level of difficulty to that of the person narrating to you because nearly everyone has experienced difficulties in life.

You’re not at all assisting them with recuperating, all things being equal, you’re further exposing them to more agony and wretchedness.

To assist you with rescuing the second and dealing with a superior point of view, I’ve organized a rundown of the 19 most effective ways to answer a hard luck story.

Here are the 19 of the best replies for “Hard Luck”

1. My Heart Goes Out to You

This line of response plainly shows that you’re feeling thoughtful for the person who related a hard luck story to you.

As such, it is by the models that I made for a decent response to a hard luck story.

The response places that you’re genuinely bothered by the story and you’re showing fortitude to the person for the awful occasion.

Maybe, the person lost a friend or family member without prior warning it broke their casing such a lot that they feel stuck.

2. How Are You Coping Then?

Even though it sounds a gnawed off to ask a lamenting person inquiry; you can proceed that to show how profoundly you care about them.

That’s exactly what this question-like response does, with the sole purpose of finding out how the person is recovering from the bad things that have happened.

This will show the person that you truly care about them and want to know how they are coping with the challenge.

The person could open up dependent upon you because the inquiry additionally feels like a recommendation for help.

In other words, you can concoct a more effective way for them to adapt if they’re struggling as of now.

3. Sounds Awful

Try not to attempt to cover the effect of the occasion when somebody educates you concerning trouble they’ve gone through or are as yet going through. You can free the torment or weight from the issue by confronting it, in actuality.

With that in mind, you can utilize this line to qualify how serious the person’s afflictions are.

This advises the person that you’re sufficiently perceptive to distinguish that they’re going through a great deal, rather than covering everything with decent words.

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4. Do You Mind Discussing What Happened?

Another way you can answer a hard luck story is to attempt to get the person to discuss what occurred.

It might sound manipulative, however, an issue shared is half settled. A heavy heart can result from the person continuing to bottle things up, which is not helpful.

Getting the person to talk can assist them with forgetting about the trouble. It’ll assist them with finding viable answers to their concerns by searching internally. To do this, you want a response technique like this one.

5. I’m Sorry About That

Saying sorry is one more arrangement of identifying with somebody who can do something amazing. It helps the person who encountered the awful occasion to comprehend that you care about them and how they feel.

Regardless of whether you weren’t the reason for the issue, you can express sorry to assist with delivering the strain and agony.

6. The Experience Sure Took a Huge Tow on You. How Can I Be of Help?

Try not to just frame a pity party for the person who let you know a hard luck story yet in addition attempt to expand a hand of help.

There’s no hard undertaking to this, as all you want is to ask and you’ll get obliged by the person or they turn it down.

In any case, there’s a high opportunity they’ll let you know how to help them out because it very well may be a frantic time for them.

You can do just that with this line of response, as well as try to describe the person’s response to the experience.

7. Don’t Hesitate to Reach Out to Me for Support

I know many people who find it hard to shout out for help. I additionally avoid that however possibly give in when the trouble becomes excruciating.

Assuming the person who let you know the hard luck story is this way, you can attempt to convince them to become more friendly by utilizing this line of response.

8. I’m Happy You’re Recovering Swiftly

Trust carries life to practically anything. It creates an environment of accomplishment and winning. Subsequently, you can get the radiance of trust through your response to a person’s hard luck story.

You can accomplish that with this answer, as it likewise allows them to improve and abandon the awful experience.

9. I’ll Always Be Here to Throw My Shoulders behind You

I’ll Always Be Here to Throw My Shoulders behind You

You can attempt to guarantee the person of your help with this line of response. One thing does this; it lets the person know that you’re out for them. I’m certain the person will feel only love when you answer with this.

10. Let’s Get You to a Therapist Right Away

At times, it’s not even important to ask the person for their consent before you stretch out a hand of help to them.

You can make a plunge directly into the entire recuperation process for them even before they give it an idea.

It shows to what lengths you will go for them to improve. The person will try and feel perfect at someone’s desired idea great for them.

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It very well may be the person experienced a grievousness which later progressed into dependence on medications, and they’re presently in an exceptionally terrible state. Recommending a visit to a specialist would carry the desire to the person.

11. You Surely Deserve Better

This line is one more manner by which you can guarantee the person that all the more beneficial things will in any case occur in their life.

Letting them know that they merit is likewise an approach to empowering them to remain alive as they have better luck later on.

12. You’ve Always Been Tough and Hopefully, This Won’t Break You

Could you attempt to recognize the person for being a resilient person as of now? This will unquestionably assist with supporting their self-assurance, and keep them under control without separating.

This line of response lets them know this and passes the message of trust on to them.

Here, the hope is that they won’t break because they already have a strong body that can handle anything.

13. You Shall Rise Once More, He Hopeful

This line accordingly is one more message of trust and idealism to the person you’re answering to.

The hardest luck stories frequently leave the casualty with scarcely any expectation in them, yet you can be that light they’re anticipating by causing them to feel hopeful utilizing this line of response.

14. I’m Sorry Things Turned out This Way

If you have any desire to identify with somebody, don’t wrongly describe your concerns. Simply say sorry and head in with your life to delve into subtleties.

You can get away from that enticement of delving into subtleties by involving this as a response.

15. Please, Accept My Deepest Condolences

If the hard luck story that you were informed concerned the downfall of a friend or family member, you can offer comfort to the dispossessed person utilizing this line of response.

This shows that you’re communicating something specific of sympathy to the person, which is the conventional approach to identifying in such a case.

16. Don’t Keep Yourself From Feeling Bad. It’ll Help Release the Bad Energy When You’re Done

I find it hard to hit a dead end, as I’m constantly siphoned with answers for issues.

By using this response, you can respond in the same way that I do. The person how to manage their ills and awful minutes.

17. Just Know you’re Not Mourning Alone in This

You can likewise tell the person that you’re with them constantly. It may be difficult to cope with the loss of a loved one, but reassuring them that you are grieving with them brings comfort to their soul.

18. It’s Okay to Feel Vulnerable, Especially in This Period, so Don’t Hold It Back

Continuously being the hard fellow or woman is great, yet when nature calls for you to break and shape once more, you want to oblige it.

That is the message of this response, so you can take it to the person when they educate you concerning their hard luck story.

19. It’s Time to Regret Your Actions, It Prepares You for a Better Understanding

Regrets can assist us in determining where we went wrong and taking responsibility, if necessary. It might seem unfortunate yet it’s a decent approach to freeing oneself from the weights of previous encounters.

Utilizing this response, you can let the person with the hard luck story figure out the need and advantages of disappointments.


Life on earth is a combination of dualism… there’s great and terrible, magnificence and grotesqueness, life and passing, etc. Even though you’ve experienced one, that doesn’t mean you can’t get the other.

On that note, somebody who has a hard luck story isn’t perpetually inclined to misfortune yet is simply going through that period of their life.

In the soul of fortitude, you can utilize any of the answers that I’ve arranged here to relate with the person when the person imparts to you their trouble.

Be cognizant to know which response suits what is happening you’re given, and use it appropriately.

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