15 Clever Comebacks to “When Can I See You?”

One of the most frequent inquiries we receive via email is: how would I answer when somebody says ‘When Can I See You?’

Most importantly, this question can be precarious to explore, contingent upon the setting of the discussion and who is requesting to see you (also the 1,000,000 and one justification for why you will be unable to focus on a particular time and date.)

It is likewise a typical inquiry potential accomplices pose in the web-based dating world. Thus, whether you’re shuffling numerous possibilities or just need to take things slow, it means a lot to figure out how to answer that tells the truth yet in addition obliging of the other person’s sentiments.

To take care of you, I’ve gathered a rundown of 15 unique ways of answering “When Can I See You?”

When Can I See You

1. “See you when I see you”

You can drop designs even without a second to spare. You could gesture today and something vital will come up.

You can respond with “See you when I see you” to commit to a specific date or time and avoid unnecessary disappointments. At any rate, it doesn’t tie anybody and forces no limitations.

2. “I love this steakhouse (insert favorite hangout spot)”

You can respond in this manner if you want to see the person soon enough as well. It keeps you in charge of where you and your accomplice will meet.

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You can’t anticipate that the discussion should continuously go the manner in which you need, yet answering with your #1 home base gives the feeling that you are similarly keen on gathering with the person when you both can settle on the scene and time.

3. “When do you want to see me?”

In my long periods of reviewing dates, I have taken in the delightful specialty of turning the tables, which you can without much of a stretch apply for this situation. When somebody inquires, “When can I see you?” You can say, “When do you want to see me?” as a response.

Their response will assist you with making a judgment about whether you want a phantom ninja or to get it done. For instance, on the off chance that the person answers with an idea for an area and time, it demonstrates that they are purposeful about what they need and really trying.

Yet, assuming the person surrenders the date to you, farewell!

4. “What do you have in mind?”

This is one more instance of turning the tables when somebody asks you, “When can I see you?”

Notwithstanding, this one permits you to find out about the expectations of the person inquiring. Anything that the person says after this answer will let you know all you want to be aware.

5. “Is that your way of asking me out?”

At the point when you answer with this, you are prodding the person while additionally mentioning lucidity on the purpose. It is best utilized for a situation where you are coexisting with the person.

Here is an illustration of where this response was utilized, and I’d say the discussion was really smooth.

6. “I’m taking things slow for now; let’s continue getting to know each other before we meet up.”

Nothing bad can really be said about speaking the truth about how you feel about a solicitation to a date. At the point when the inquiry is coming from somebody you don’t realize that well, this response permits you to convey your uneasiness and worry without sounding inconsiderate.

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It suggests that you are keen on getting to know the person more before meeting them face to face.

7. “I can’t promise anything soon but it’ll be worth the wait.”

Once more, not focusing on a particular date and time seems to be a decent guideline, particularly for somebody you will meet interestingly.

A secret sort of response puts them as eager and anxious as can be and makes them hang tight for the following an open door. It indicates that you are currently working on priorities that can wait.

8. “Let’s make a plan.”

I wouldn’t suggest giving an exact date and time. Make it clear to them that they, as well, should apply exertion. This response shows you embrace the thought, however it ought to stay a thing.

To avoid having to tell the story of a bad date, you should meet at a location that both of you enjoy.

9. “I’m not sure yet, but I’ll keep you posted.”

“I’m not sure yet, but I’ll keep you posted.”

When someone asks you, “When can I see you?” you can respond in this manner as well. However, with this response, anticipate the person’s occasional persistence.

It’s anything but a conclusive response, yet it is sufficiently clear to place no limitation on or responsibility in case of an unexpected crisis that might disturb your arrangements.

You don’t need to settle on the spot, so this response assists you with thoroughly considering the solicitation and choose precisely when you’d be open to meeting with the person.

10. “How about next week?”

You will possibly utilize this sort of response when you are genuinely keen on seeing the person and are almost certain of your timetable. You are likewise being considerate by guaranteeing that the choice is made by both of you.

11. “When the stars align, we’ll find out”

This is a clever method for answering when somebody requests to see you, particularly on the off chance that it’s somebody you meet via web-based entertainment or dating applications. The expression “when the powers of fortune and fate line up” is utilized to show that something will occur at a more serendipitous time.

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So in this unique circumstance, it implies you will tell the person while the timing is ideal so that you might see them or when all that works out such that makes it feasible for you both to meet. It could indicate seasonal restrictions or a distance limit.

12. “Whenever you want, as long as you promise to bring the laughs.”

This is a brilliant method for answering somebody’s solicitation to see you. It is likewise a method for telling them you have specific assumptions.

In this unique circumstance, you are telling them you will have them at whatever point they need, however they ought to have a capable of humor.

It is an approach to saying you would appreciate their conversation and think that it is fun assuming they have a decent mentality and can make you chuckle.

You are by implication setting the condition that you trust the gathering can be pleasant.

13. “Let’s make a plan, but it will cost you a cup of coffee.”

At the point when somebody next requests to see you, you can solve two problems at once by utilizing this response. It implies you propose an espresso date, and the bill is on the person. It’s clever, shrewd, and exact.

14. “You name the time and place; I’ll be there with bells on.”

“Bell” is a non-literal method for communicating enthusiasm and an energized mentality or presence. So this response is a method for suggesting that you anticipate meeting the person as well and they can go on settling on the overall setting and afterward fill you in.

15. “Sooner than you think, but don’t hold your breath.”

appreciate prodding persons, and I’m certain you would in this present circumstance. Somebody is hanging tight for you to give an overall setting where they can see you, and you answer with “Sooner than you think, but don’t hold your breath.”

It’s possible that it will arrive sooner than they anticipated, but nothing is certain. Presently they need to continue to trust with less assumption.

The Takeaway

The inquiry “when can I see you?” Can mean various things to people, via web-based entertainment where hindering/unmatching is only a couple of snaps away.

But there is one certainty: Another form of asking you out is when someone asks to see you. Nonetheless, the manner in which it is being asked can appear to be a warning since it could mean they could do without to try.

On the other side, a few ladies could like it when they say, “When might I at any point see you?” rather than directing a date and setting like she has no life.

In any event, your response to this question ought to convey your legitimate considerations. You really want to consider your relationship with the person and whether it conflicts with your needs around then.

I realize that words can bomb you at those minutes, however, I’m certain the 15 unique responses now in your stockpile will prove to be useful.

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